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Create New Pad

or create/open a Pad with the name

Welcome to Notes.occupy.net

Use this tool to create and collaborate on documents in real time! Try it out!

Start a new pad.

You can create a new pad by clicking Create New Pad. This will produce a note pad with a random URL (example: notes.occupy.net/p/6ea3GZHk8F)

Start a new named pad.

You can create a pad with a specific name by filling out the form and pressing enter. We suggest you use dashes instead-of-spaces for a cleaner URL.

Join an existing pad.

If you know the name of the document you would like to edit you can enter it's name in the form. Be mindful of spaces and capitals, the name must match exactly. You can find the name of an existing pad after 'p/' in the URL: notes.occupy.net/p/test

Sharing your pad

You can share your pad with collaborators by sending them the link to your pad. Rememeber that anybody who has the link can read an edit your pad, so you should use discretion when sharing. If you want to share your pad with a large number of people, use the read-only link.

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